Although there isn’t a standard for institutional construction projects, the types of projects in this area have different aspects and vary greatly. For an institutional project to be successful, the general contractor needs to have broad expertise and training in the planning and implementation phases.

This is because there are numerous institutional construction firms that specialize in doing only design, maintenance or building aspects. With Longhorn Builders, you can get the expertise you need from the planning, design, and construction and even once the project is done. We have worked with numerous institutional projects from schools to town garages.

Our expertise and experiences make us well-suited for the project to be completed in the most efficient and effective manner.

Aside from that, we are an expert at bringing all of the right people and agencies to form a solid team. We will either work with or employ engineers and designers so that we are able to provide you with a Design-Build approach.

This type of specialist team will let you begin and finish projects more efficiently and within your desired budget. We only employ team members who are knowledgeable with the project, objectives and with one another for a smoother transition.

Longhorn Builders also support the community by making use of resources that are obtained locally.

Different trades might be required in order to sufficiently meet all of the demands of a project depending on its nature. Additionally, there might also be local and state government requirements that we need to look at.

Before construction begins, most projects today will need permits to make sure that all of the guidelines and regulations are met. We can help you in this effort.

Longhorn Builders will consult and provide our experience on items such as:

☑ Land Use
☑ Storm/Waste Water
☑ Site Plan Review
☑ Safety/Fire Protection

Similar to the residential and commercial constructions, institutional projects use the same process on how work is being distributed and how the contractors are selected in working on these projects.

There are a lot of ways that an institutional construction project can be different. The contractors together with the engineers are required to have a wide range of experience compared to those performing residential and industrial projects only.

Aside from that, there are many complex permitting requirements because of land use and possible impacts to the environment when starting such a project.

You can rely on us to help you get through the entire permitting process and when submitting information.

With regards to schools and other institutional assignments, we understand that there are budgets and schedules that need to be met strictly. That is why we at Longhorn Builders provide you with quality engineered solutions that will match your budget and get the project done in your timeframe.