Structural Framing

There is no substitute for solid structural framing. We at Longhorn Builders have years of experience in this field. Our crews have been standing up steel for over 40 years.

We at Longhorn Builders put safety first! 

Whatever the project you’re looking to build, we have a team of experienced men and women  ready to make it a reality.  

Longhorn Builders has experienced Superintendents on the ground who will manage all of the details of your project, while actively solving potential delays or issues.

We believe, and are committed to the idea that construction project challenges can be solved with a proactive approach. We apply strategic construction management and consultancy practices that have allowed us to gain a reputation for finding ways to solve issues while minimizing risks in our projects. 

We have a great team of men and women who are ready to take on all of your structural steel needs.

We know that time is money, so you can depend on Longhorn Builders to manage your project and bring it in, on-time, on-budget.