When it comes to the performance of wood and concrete as construction materials, the latter outdoes the other while not being a burden to the owners with the need for constant repairs and maintenance. Quality concrete lasts a long time, is versatile, sustainable and cost-effective especially for commercial concrete construction.

Concrete shouldn’t be the only material to rely on when it comes to construction. Yet it still provides many benefits to its users and which is why it remains popular nowadays. Take a look at the advantages of this material below.

Concrete Construction is Durable

When a construction project uses concrete, then you know it can last for a long time. What makes this building material great is that it continues to grow strong over time. The hundred-year service life that comes with concrete has helped save millions of resources by minimizing the need to do reconstructions.

Aside from that, concrete construction is durable as it can resist damage from weathering, natural disasters and erosions. You will need only to repair and maintain it rarely, which is an ideal investment for business owners.

Choosing Concrete is Economical 

In the total energy that a building consumes over its service life, about 85% of this will fall under operational energy needs alone. With the help of concrete structures, it will give you the most cost-effective and efficient means to save on resources and expenses.

A building made of concrete will give its owners a sustainable life cycle savings that can reach more than 20% of the total cost in construction. Much of the savings will come from the thermal mass of this material, capable of harvesting natural energy resources and obtain thermal energy for fixtures and equipment.

Concrete is Especially Safe for Use

Being safe, secure and healthy to the occupants of the building is one of the construction material concerns any good business owner should look into. As it is an inert construction material, concrete won’t burn even if done intentionally. Aside from that, it won’t be feeding mildew and rot even after a very long time. It gives excellent indoor air quality while it doesn’t off-gas any organic compounds that are volatile.

Concrete construction that is done well will be able to prevent even the entry of dust, pollen and other pollutants of the air.

Concrete’s structural integrity is also another factor you should look into when deciding a construction material for your building. It has added protection against extreme weather and can even withstand earthquakes. Outdoor temperature swings will also not affect the building as much if it’s made of solid concrete and follows the best practices in construction.

By giving you and your employees a quiet and peaceful building that improves everyone’s comfort, you can be sure to have a strong foundation in which to build your company.