The process in which a construction site is prepared for the actual construction job is called sitework. It can be described as a variety of activities performed on the site, yet there are many people who don’t understand this important process in construction. What makes sitework important and what does it entail?

First of all, sitework involves a range of preparations in order to make sure that the final structure is constructed properly, located in a safe and stable area and is safe for use. Typically one can expect these activities for sitework:

Clearing and Grubbing

This is the process where vegetation such as bushes, shrubs, trees and other plants are removed from the area of construction. Based on the types and amount of vegetation that is involved, clearing and grubbing may include other processes due to regulatory and environmental considerations.

Subgrade Stabilization

This process is where all of the levels in soil below the topsoil are stabilized as a means for the ground below the construction site to be stable and not cave in when constructed upon. Buildings can have major damages to their structure or cracks in their foundations later on if this step in sitework is not done well or completed.

Erosion Control and Shoring

This process is applied in order to prevent the construction site from experiencing problems with erosion, collapse or weathering while construction is ongoing. The whole site will not be safe for the workers and equipment involved if the right erosion control and shoring are not performed.


This is another crucial aspect in sitework. Excavation is performed in order to get rid of excess rocks and soil in the construction site. This is a step that is very intensive and will require experienced workers, huge equipment and expertise involved.

Water Systems and Drainage

The last part of the sitework process will mean the difference between poorly made structures to beautifully accomplished products. The drainage systems in a construction area will be used to get rid of excess stormwater and push it out of the area in order to prevent damage to equipment and other things. The water systems will also be installed to bring in clean water in the area and then pump out wastewater.

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